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Ruth H – Addition and Kitchen Remodel


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2 Story Addition

My 12′ x 12′ rooms built by Gibson Design Group are absolutely wonderful.
We gained a year round sun-room on the first floor and I gained an Art studio on the second floor. Mr. Gibson was great to work with. We had some ideas of our own but he contributed plenty to making both rooms perfect. He was dedicated to treating us with respect and very conscience about timeliness and clean-up. I would highly recommend you seek out his services.
-Ruth H

Kitchen Remodel


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This is our second experience hiring Gibson Design Group. We were so happy with our 2 story addition that we brought Mr. Gibson back for a major kitchen makeover. Once again, we had done our research, but he continued to show that his prior knowledge and experience was what was needed to make our kitchen perfect. I am so glad that my old cabinets had fallen apart so we could enjoy the beautiful makeover NOW!
-Ruth H

Freddie Armstead – Basement Refinishing

I cannot begin to praise the quality of work that Mr. Soule Gibson and his team done on my new house.I recently moved back to Michigan and I purchased a new house, but before I moved into the house Ihad a large unfinished basement that I wanted to use for entrainment. So I needed to have an honestand reliable contractor that does outstanding work, to come in a do a good job what I was requesting.So Mr. Gibson and his team of worker were recommended to do this job. Now the catch to this job was he had to complete the finish basement in 2 weeks before the closing with all of the specifications thatwere given to him. Mr. Gibson and his team literally worked around the clock to finish the job, which included a Theater and Bathroom. Well the job was completed before the closing, everyone that seethe basement before and after could not believe the transformation. Needless to say, I have been very pleased and happy with Mr. Gibson work and the quality of his workers. But the best part of this testimony is that if I was not satisfied with the quality of work, he was willing to work with me until I was completely satisfied. I recommend that if you need a contractor to do outstanding work, you don’t need to look any further. Mr. Gibson and his team are the best.

-Freddie Armstead

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